My Boy

This is dedicated to my dear friend, you know who are! I’m proud of the mother you became, and the work you poured into your children. 


Ready or not, here I come…you came bouncing, bounding into my world.

Your rosy cheeks, full lips stole my heart, one glimpse of you made me change my ways.

With humor and laughter you entertained. Showing us your smarts and convincing us day by day…

That you were always meant to be from the start. Carefully and wonderfully fashioned by God.

Growing pains, you and me both felt as you changed and transformed through the years.

Achievements, certificates, medals- lovingly and proudly displayed for all to see on your day, with diploma in your hand.

Campus life you live these days, keeps me on my knees, hands folded, pleading for right choices to be made.

My prayer as I kneel by your empty childhood bed…”God protect my boy who now is a man.”


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