Amends in Heaven


Never had you a chance, neither of you. For one was to take from the other. Or was one simply giving more?

Where were the rules that day the defect was formed? Where was the umpire with his whistle, making his call, “This isn’t Natural!”

Did you hear my voice? Did you feel the rythmic pounding of my life in your veins?

Did you know I was out of my element? In way over my head, my perpetual state back then.

Mother of angels is what they called me. Angels you are, but mother to you, I never got to be.

Words spoken over your grave I’ll never forget. Follow God, to see you both one day.

Nine years it took to soak in; arms open to Jesus meant to one day embrace you both again!

Take care of the others and tell them I’m sorry. I’ll be there soon to make amends, to truly be a mother of angels.

Daily Word Prompt: Natural


7 Replies to “Amends in Heaven”

  1. Beautifully stated, Amy. I can feel your pain and loss in these words. I don’t think a mother ever gets over the loss of their children. Prayers that God will continue to comfort you.

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