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It is time again for another of My Post Picks. I save those that speak to me and share them with you in the case you have missed them. I know I had a bunch saved but to where they have gone…beats me. Somewhere out in cyber world.

My first pick “As Requested” was from Removing The Veil as David shares his testimony of where he was when he chose God. I so enjoy hearing how each of you came to God. It never gets tiring to hear how God takes a life and changes and transforms it into what He wants. {David, I know you are struggling with work and life, but never is it as bad as it could be if you hadn’t surrendered your will to the Almighty!} Read this post to be encouraged and reminded of how God can take a boy raised in the Jewish faith and bring him into the Light.

A Dog in a Tree by Valerie Cullers is next as she reminds and encourages us that sometimes, when we hit resistance in reaching our goals, might mean we’re on the right path but there’s a dog in the tree trying to dissuade us from our course. Experiencing indecision? Embarking on a new scary adventure? Is God calling you to step up, like me, but you’re terrified? Read this…it will make you pull up your bootstraps and march on!

“God’s Love is Deeper” by Matt at Jesusluvsall will speak to your heart when you’re needing reminded of God’s love. Man’s love, not even the love you have for yourself can do what God’s perfect love does for us. God’s love can pull you out. Read this today and go look in the mirror and see you the way He sees you!

Can’t have a post pick without a mention of Wordcoaster! Unexpected by William Pierce a poem that reminded me…oh just read it! It’s good!

Then there is the famous, I played Stu Sunshine Blogger Award. At least that’s how he put it. When you read it you’ll see what that means. Something about how I broke the rules and asked one question. But I got what I wanted in the end. Another testimony. Stu stepped up and wrote his testimony. The coming to God part. His open honesty about his prior porn addiction helps me to remember that if he can put himself out there, I can too.

Wendi shows us about “Isolation” and how those living with Chronic illness need us to reach out to them. She shows us the difference between solitude and isolation so we can better see who needs our help and who just prefers solitude.


27 Replies to “My Post Picks”

    1. I liked that one because sometimes there are people out there that need us and we need to identify if they’re closing themselves in, shutting down and cloaked under depression. I have a friend who has lupus along with other issues and I believe she’s made this far on God’s strength and her friends and family helping her and reaching out to her. She is blessed

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  1. Good morning, Amy. Thank you for the referrals. How often do you do your Post Picks? I wonder if we (anyone interested) each did a Post Picks once or twice a month how we could connect more widely, how our words can reach more widely.

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    1. Cool. Yeah I stole this idea from TR Noble. She calls hers community spotlight. When you go through your wordpress reader you can bookmark and save posts and then go back. That’s how I do it…it’s fun to give back dontcha think?

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        1. When you look in your reader where your feed is. At the bottom you’ll see where you like or comment to the far left of those is a little flag tap on it and it saves it. Then when you look at your feed it’s probably set to followed sites click on it and you’ll see saved posts. The ones you saved. I’m still learning too. But I love blogging, I’m addicted

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  2. How in the world did I miss this? Thank you for sharing my post with your readers Amy!

    Julie mentioned that more of us should do a monthly sharing of post that touched us. I agree. I think it would be a great way to share instead of reblogging posts as I have been doing lately. My question is should we all have it titled as you so that readers can just search Top Picks and it pulls up all ours?

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      1. K, I’m working on one to be posted at the end of the month or the beginning of next month. Not sure yet.
        Mine will be entitled as your is and tagged as such.

        I am honored that you chose that one and in the fact that you include my posts along such amazing writers 🙂

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