Return of The Prodigal


Who can say what cards they will be dealt? Who can see where the road leads?

Standing, fist clutched, shoulders back, decision made. Never will the mind be dissuaded.

Adult before a child, experience under the belt, looks to the future. Decisions, decisions, decisions that shouldn’t have been made.

Choices dangling, haunting, taunting, ever pressuring to be chosen. Hours and minutes fill and overflows both pockets, plenty to go around.

Never looking back, choice and decision made…the heart is deceived thinking time is abundant.

The arrogance of the young mind, following every scent. Thinking it knows it’s way home…

Unpacking a suitcase of regret, what was to be a day trip, took two decades. A bible lays on the bed turned open to “My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.” All is finally well.


25 Replies to “Return of The Prodigal”

  1. I’m appreciating your honesty. This platform reached many who are going through similar struggles. Telling your story will give them hope again. Looking forward to the next installment. Your writing style is really good.

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  2. Hi Amy, there are a lot of prodigal sons and daughters, myself included. I’m hoping that your story will mention why the avenues you walked down failed. And if you do, I’m pretty sure that the lessons you had to learn are lessons that most of us have had to learn too. Grace and blessings!

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                1. Example: my husband started drinking apple cider vinegar so I tried it too…but the taste reminded me of tequila, yuck. I then started having dreams of being back doing those things, in bars smoking, drinking and all that. Certain songs take me back as well. I admit I’m not very strong when it comes to outside “stuff” like that. So I read it, hear it, see it, taste it…Sometimes the temptation comes stronger.

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                    1. I haven’t gotten to it yet!! I’m not much into contemporary either but, I have recently discovered Lisa Wingate and she is great. Also Beth vogt first Woman Fiction ‘Things I Never Told You’ was a great contemporary! Not really romantic and one of the best woman fiction I’ve ever read. Its a great sister book.
                      From historical romance I have so many fave! Elizabeth Camden, Tracie Peterson, Julie Klassen, Sarah E. Ladd, Carrie Turansky, Jody Hedlund the list is long lol!! I just discovered Joanna Davidson Politano, I can’t believe ‘Lady Jayne Disappears’ is her first published, because she is going to be real competition for most of the ones I just mentioned! She just released a second I’m anxious to read!

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