A Letter To Time

wp-1532709901806..jpgDear Time,

Time…how you tick so slowly as we anticipate your passing so we can get to another goal. How you linger, snickering at our impatience.

Time…how you fly. How you soar, dip and spin wildly in the air.

Time…how you race at speeds unknown. How you chase shadows of yesterday and pass them by on your way to the unknown.

Time…how you steal away seconds, minutes and hours from our tightly grasped hands. How your crime of robbery goes unpunished.

Time…how you are like God with no beginning and no end. How we are at your mercy for there is no way to stop you.

Time…how we chase you; trying to get another moment from you. How we try to entertain you so that you will linger and visit with us so.

Time….how we call you Father Time, for ultimately we must obey you.

Sincerely and Impatiently Yours,                             A Mere Mortal


20 Replies to “A Letter To Time”

          1. Ugh! I know! It’s horrible, for one reason or another some adults will not come around mom or dad’s anymore. Some for personal family issues that get in the way of family. Thankfully, I still hold a strong bond with my parents, but having an honest loving relationship helps.

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  1. Ha! Looks like you and I had some parallel musings today. I love how you wound your words and let them flow as they did, like time itself; an accurate portrayal of our love/hate relationship with Time.

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