Pray For Us

Pray for my two little ones and I as we embark on an adventure this coming next week. We will travel many hours from home and stay a week as my 8 yr old daughter and her teammates compete in a national bible quiz tournament. Since my hands will be completely full I’d like to put out some older stuff each day for you all. And I will try to put out an update if I’m able of our progress in the tournament.

Here’s a repost of one of my first poems…Julie Peters, this one is for you! If you want to know more meaning behind this poem I wrote click on Julie’s name and read her post and comments to get a better understanding.


No Answers

I went in search of answers today. Nothing much, just tell me why. Why couldn’t she love me? Why was she so careless with me? Didn’t she know? Couldn’t she see the admiration in my eyes? Where are my answers?

What could I have done differently to get her to see me, beyond her? Was I ever really there, in her view? Still no answer, I’m getting angry.

“Do as I say, not as I do” Did she know how ignorant that statement is? Did she know I vowed to rise above? To break the generational cycle….Did she smirk when I failed? Why was she satisfied when I became the same as her?

Why was she bothered when I was washed in His blood and robed in His righteousness? Why didn’t she rejoice with the angels? Was I ever really there, in her view?

Does she know that I am a princess? Will she ever know my Father, the King of Kings?


14 Replies to “Pray For Us”

  1. Hi Amy, I’ll keep you folks in my prayers. I read the poem and clicked on the link and it brings to mind all of the baggage that we bring with us, many times not realizing that it’s there. Jesus does bring healing but it takes time and it isn’t always easy, but it is worth it. Thank you for sharing and caring. Blessings my friend.

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  2. Relentless criticism from others eventually spawns self-sustaining “fault-bots” of our own. On the surface I can act and seem so very positive when in reality I’m shredding myself over the slightest failing without actively, consciously meaning to do so. It takes strength beyond our own to combat that subconscious tendency and it looks like you’re seeking that Strength from the best source.

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