What Does It Mean To Tempt God?

16Ye shall not tempt the LORD your God, Deut 6:16

Sweat dripping down her forehead and even behind her ears, she made her way down the back country road. Left, right, left, right, was the cadence playing in her head as she pounded the pavement with each footfall. She looked out at the view the Lord gave her each time she went for a run, and thought God you have blessed me tremendously.


Whenever she would run she’d worry about a fall and what that would mean for her to complete her 5k coming up soon. “After all of this work I’ve put in, I can’t imagine not being able to run in the 5k come September. Lord, protect my steps” These words would be muttered several times a week as she ran up and down that same stretch of road.

20180712_183917.jpgThis road, her road, was old and had been patched and repatched- the state’s way to putting off a repavement. She became accustomed to the dips, bumps and valleys that made up her path.

20180712_183859.jpgAs she was canvassing the potholes and bumpy patches one day, fear overtook her mind again playing out the scene of a tremendous fall…”Lord, please, please guide my footsteps. I can’t fall.” The Lord spoke clearly to her heart saying, “If you don’t want to fall, choose the smoother side of the road to run on.” She looked down and realized that she could make a smoother path by taking the smoother side of the road.


So she took a few steps to the left and ran on the smoother patch.

Sometimes we tempt God by putting ourselves in positions to where it ties His Hands in helping us. Yes, I know God’s hands are never tied per se, but think about it this way…

I was going 75 mph down and 55mph road recently (yes, I know I’m a lead foot) all the while I was praying God don’t let us get in an accident, and again He spoke clearly to me. “If you don’t want to get in an accident then slow down and do the speed limit” I was tempting God…what do you think? We cannot put ourselves into dangerous positions and beg God to keep His hand on us can, we? What are your thoughts? Am I way off? Have you had similar experiences?



10 Replies to “What Does It Mean To Tempt God?”

  1. Right on target. It was once put to me as being under the umbrella of God’s protection. We so often step out from under that umbrella, and open ourselves to onslaughts of all kinds. Being under the umbrella doesn’t mean we won’t get hit (just like standing under an actual umbrella, we may still get wet), but we will have God’s protection as long as we’re obedient.

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  2. Needed this this morning. I don’t feel that I’m tempting God in a particular situation that I’m dealing with but I do feel like said situation is one in which I have no control. Therefore, it’s time to walk away. So, I guess in a sense I’m tempting Him by staying in a situation that I have no business being in regardless of my capability or lack thereof of changing the course. Thanks for making me think this morning. More importantly thanks for helping me see my situation through different eyes.

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  3. If you read Matthew 4:5-7 you’ll see an example of the devil trying to convince Jesus to put God to the test. Basically He told Jesus to jump from the highest point of the temple since He knew that the angels would come catch Him and not let Him get hurt. Jesus did not do it because He knew it would be a sin.
    I think your two examples could fall into that category, more so the one where you are doing wrong on purpose than just not thinking straight.

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