Bring It On!

Ah regret, who do you think you are that you can sneak around and creep  up on me so?

Where do you come from and who are you with, when you’re on your way to try to torture me to and fro?

Is it dispare and deceit that you hang with on the nights as you all try to compete for my attention?

Who is it that sends you beckoning me, knocking at the posts of my memory’s door?

Depression, why do you loom in dark places? Why don’t you step into the Light and ever be singed and dissolved.

Regret, go back from where you came from and take dispare, deceit, and depression with you!

Tell the deceiver to be very afraid because the prayer warrior has awoken, her feet are planted on the Rock to stay!




13 Replies to “Bring It On!”

  1. I get that! I totally relate! Keep fighting, Amy, and keep persevering. I pray for you to be strong in the Lord. Remember that Satan is already a defeated foe and that Jesus already won this battle for us. We just have to keep putting on that spiritual armor and use those weapons he gave us to fight off our enemy’s attacks against our minds. Love you! ❤

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