My Post Picks Part 2


Day 2 of my favorites I’ve saved to share with you all. This is a fun way to bless others and honor them.

Bruce at Reasoned Cases for Christ bares a father’s heart in his post called “Sorrow” He shows us his humble feelings concerning his son and how he prays for him.

MyWay My home Life has a post “He is Just That Good Where she brags on God and how He kept blessing her and working things to His design in their daily lives. Need a pick me up? Need to be reminded God is control? Read this! Then go over and read Que Sera Sera At A Time To Share as she reminds us that knowing our future and what lies ahead isn’t a good thing and to place that worry on His Hands.

Next is SimplyWendi’s post “Friendships and Chronic Illness” Wendi shows us how hard it can be living with Chronic illness, but she does it in a way that we can relate and be educated on it.

Lynn Abbott shares with us “Pruning Isn’t Pleasant” Where she takes a look at Samson and his choices and she posted it the very same night Samson was preached at my church! What is it they say? Nothing is coincidence with God. Another one I liked that keeps me intrigued each time I read it is Masked Mortals Moved to Hope by Loved by the King of Kings. I feel like she leaves a lot for us to fill in with the people in our lives or even ourselves and the masks we wear…

And finally, Miss Hope wrote  A Year of Hope week 27. Folks, to me, this is the very essence of how we bloggers should look at our testimonies. She has slowly been revealing her testimony, but it is painful for her. She isn’t slowly revealing it to us for suspense reasons or to entice, but because she wants to share but only to help another. And THAT is what always should be our driving force behind sharing our regrets, hurts and past. Not for attention, not for glory…but for His glory. Have another blessed Day!


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    1. I’m learning that putting myself in other’s shoes helps me to relate, understand and most of all forgive others. Your post helps me see that side of illness that I hadn’t considered before. So thank you!

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