The Backslider’s Reasons


Feelings hurt, can’t let go, won’t forgive

“Because I said so, that’s why we go to church” was the only answer given in childhood years.

Enticement from so-called friends that have your back.

The new job that took mind and body, 56 hours a week, too busy, committed.

Blaming the Creator of Life for death

Chasing that beautiful monster, the root of all evil, the almighty dollar.

Worshipping the earthly family, forgetting to make the Master the Father.

I’ve never truly backslid, walked away from the Lord. I’ve watched several that have. I don’t think to be an expert on the subject, but it does make me wonder when looking into other’s lives, watching the hammer fall after they’ve made the decision to walk away.

The other day I saw a woman that walked away from God a couple years ago. I believe she got mad at God for allowing the crib death of her grandchild. Because once that happened she was out the door. Sure she struggled on and off for the years before, but what I saw the other day was devastation, hurt and anger on the shell of a woman she once was.

I kept thinking of what I would or could say to her to convince her to turn again from the world and come back to God. I, no doubt, would be labeled as nosey, bossy, pushy or just down-right a hypocrite by her if I even tried. See, by now she not only blames God, but blames those in the church as well…or so I think.

I’ve also watched those in the presence of God, not react. Not twitch a muscle or bat an eyelash. Not a sniffle. How does that work? My mind wonders and asks, “Are they exhausted when they get home from the exertion of fighting off the Father’s Spirit?” Or maybe they have a cabinet in their minds where they simply put the God, and anything to do with God, file in? File it away under G. Or do they just not feel anything and they are essentially out the door before they ever really came in?

How do we, the encouragers, the rooted in Christ help these? How do we reach into their lives and pull them out of the fire? When their opinions are formed, embedded in their hearts. The only answers I can come up with are…

1. Pray for them. Pray God opens the eyes of their hearts. Pray God does whatever it takes to reach them. And if He needs to use us, that He would show us how.

2. Be the example. By living our daily walk with the Lord in front of them, we are being a witness without saying a word.

3. Be sensitive, on guard around them. Watching what we say, how we say it. They don’t want to be preached at, they need love.

Do you know any other ways we can reach the backslider? Have you had a positive experience helping a backslider come back to God?


7 Replies to “The Backslider’s Reasons”

  1. Great post Amy! And you are spot on what we do.
    In my ministry, not necessarily on my blog but as an accountability partner, they know my faith. I don’t preach per se. Simply for the fact that most already know exactly what I would say, as scripture has already been learned for the most part. I simply listen.

    And if they ask, I offer advice based on what I went through and how I felt while I was going through everything I did including my anger with God, the shame and guilt.

    Listening without judging their actions goes a long way into reaching their heart.

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