His Way


So here we are, you and me. You the forgiven and me the forgivee.

Seventy times seven is what I’ve heard; one hundred times one hundred, even more absurd.

Round and round we go, carelessly gnawing, clamoring to and fro.

The last straw has been drawn, that’s it. Forgive no more, not one teeny bit.

A light shines from above down, within. My heart reminded to begin again.

So here we are again you and me. You the forgiven, me the forgivee.

One hundred and one times one hundred is now what they say…as I once again try to see things His way.


7 Replies to “His Way”

  1. I hear you my friend. Take some time today and understand who you really are in Christ. That will provide the comfort you seek I promise. 🙂

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  2. Now this is a tough subject! Forgiveness is an awesome thing and should always be extended to those who ask for it (and those that don’t), but here’s what I struggle with the most…Do things have to return to how they were? Must we continue in the same type of relationship as before? For example, should a woman who is battered go back with a man who has beaten her over and over? I think that at all times we should forgive, but that doesn’t mean that we continue the same as before the offense/s. Please feel free to correct me if I’m getting unbiblical. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. From what I’ve learned along the way with my mom and the pain she causes/caused me; I have to forgive each and every time but I will not have an open relationship with her because of it. I cannot continue to allow myself to be put in the position, but it doesn’t make me exempt from her devices. 7×70 always makes me think of when I first was saved and I learned the the jews, God’s chosen people, the people I was rooting for all the while reading were the very ones that crucified Him! I was astounded. And mad. He forgave them and even forgives them now as they deny Jesus. So I gotta let go of old junk and quit accusing those who hurt me. But yeah I can take steps towards keeping myself safe.

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