A Changed Heart

1530278460107-1646237739.jpgHeart pounding wildly that it pulsating, pushing it’s way up to red ears.

Mouth dry, tongue sticking, not knowing how to do its job.

Lungs filling and expelling; air that is thick and foggy, suffocating.

Tingling forearms leading to palms slick with sweat, hot inside and cold to the touch.

Stomach churning, twirling, spinning; arguing with its neighboring organs for help to digest.

Feet stuck like a plane in a holding pattern; going to the same wrong place each day.

Hope feeling its way, wading through years of doubt, abuse, neglect, dependancy, sin.

Mind clearing, sanctamonious thoughts dissolved, humility and peace step in.

Changed! Freed! Delivered!

Feet focused

Stomach independent!

Arms and hands steady!

Lungs confident!

Mouth ready!

Heart changed!

Daily Prompt- Sanctamonious


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