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  1. Thank the Person Who Nominated You
  2. Provide a Link to their Website
  3. Answer the “Get To Know Me” Questions
  4. Nominate 10-15 Bloggers.
  5. Pass on the Same 10 Questions ( With an additional of 2 of yours, if you wish )

Thank you Julie at Ramblings of a Wonky Girl for nominating me for this tag. Check her blog out today for laughs, tears and insight.


What does your name mean?

Amy=beloved. Sometimes when I read the new testament scriptures that say beloved, I imagine they are written just for me.

Are you scared of heights?

I’m terrified of heights. My husband and I recently went to see Tim Hawkins and we had balcony seats. I scaled the walls climbing to our seats and held onto my husband even while we sat in our seats.

What is your best physical feature?

As gross as people say feet are…my feet are my best feature….I’m serious!

What is your favorite music genre?

I like R&B and soul the best, but only if it glorifies God.

Are you a good cook?

We’ve been on a cooking show marathon around our house. The girls watch Master Chef Junior and Chopping Block. Most meals my 8yr old looks at me and says “Mommy, you’ve been chopped!” So I guess, no I’m not a good cook! Lol

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

Funny you ask, as my husband and I had a very serious discussion on this last night. I like any ice cream as long as it has big chunks of goodies in it like chocolate, but hold the nuts!

What’s your favorite festival? 

The fireman’s festival in Bremen, Indiana. Going on this week. Small and clean and fun.

Do you have any allergies?

Nope…Although I seem to be developing an allergy to draining, negative people. Does that count?

Which of your parents do you look like?

Bottom half of my face is my dad and top half belongs to my mom…but no one knows where my nose came from! Seriously.

Who is your favorite musician?

I like all of Toby Mac’s songs, but my favorite right now is my 5yr old. She’s been drumming or tapping on everything and anything lately. It’s wonderful to watch her get into the sounds she’s making.

Who is or was the most influential person in your life?

If you read my blog you will know that I am my mother-in-law’s biggest fan. You can read how she’s helped changed and mold me here.

What is your favorite time of the year?

Each August and September marks my baptism, when God filled me with His spirit, and our wedding anniversary. I also had my middle daughter during September whose birth was a catalyst to all the new changes that were made during that time.

My extra question for my nominees:

What advice do you wish you would’ve been given sooner?

My Nominees:

Julia at Honest Aromas 

Faith on the Farm




John Eli




9 Replies to “Get To Know Me Tag”

  1. LOVED reading your responses and getting to “know” you better Amy! Thank you so much my friend for nominating me for this, I deeply appreciate it. I just posted one today so I will answer the two additional questions here, hope this is ok. My absolute favorite time of year is autumn……..God paints our surroundings in such beautiful colors, I never get sick of seeing this beauty. What advice do you wish you would have received sooner……..great question………save money. I was never taught how to handle money and it is super duper hard play catch-up when you are chronically ill.
    Thank again Amy!

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