Letting Go

Arms folded, feet planted tight. Chin set, eyebrows creased.

Mind set, plans made, nothing in the way. Everything is a go.

Bottom falls out suddenly, unexpectedly. Nothing can be done. Must let go.

Stubbornly think of nothing but what was wanted, what was planned. Can’t let go.

Caged, trapped in disappointment, holding onto what was but now not is. Getting unstable, no choice but to let go.

Defeated and relieved at the same time. Have you ever felt this way? Have you ever planned and thought something through that would inevitably turn into something opposite of what you were wanting? Maybe a situation in your marriage or maybe a situation with your children. Or plans for college or your ministry going in a different direction than you ever imagined.

I had to explain disappointment to my 8yr old daughter today. She was sure upset because she had a plan in place to buy a certain doll she wanted with her allowance. I could see her crossing her fingers walking down the aisle in the hopes they would have what she had her heart set on. They didn’t. And she did ok until the next store, and the one after that, were out of them as well.

Do we get in God’s way when we are meticulously planning every move of our lives? Do we set ourselves up for disappointment because we aren’t simply trusting in Him with our plans? I’m truly guilty of this. Coming from years of trauma, I’ve become a planner; a way of protecting myself from disappointment. Or so I think. Today, I’m reminded of 2 scriptures and a funny saying that make me feel better. Hope they do the same for you.




Daiky Prompt- Situation


25 Replies to “Letting Go”

  1. I have learned (notice I say learned) that whenever I make plans, GOD always has another thing in mind because my plans were self-centered and prideful. Oh how I try (but often fail) to follow HIM first! HIS plans are always the best for us!!

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  2. Hi Amy would you agree that my family had to let go of my loved one who died so they could be with Jesus I think they had to let them go if I remember right but I wasn’t there to see my loved before they died I was afraid i couldn’t handle it seeing them in the state they were in.

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    1. Sometimes we hold onto something that we never really had a hold of…ya know? It’s the letting go inside that we have control over. Letting go of expectations, past experiences or things that never were ours to have in the first place

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  3. Thank you, dear Amy, for this beautiful post! So very true. We can make plans, but our hearts shouldn’t be set on those plans… after all, God’s plans are always better. 🙂 Thank you for encouraging all of us with your honesty and faith! ❤ ❤

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  4. Hi Amy, thank you for this post. It’s funny how our plans change as we get on in years. In days gone by it seemed I always had some plan going and now that I’m in the seniors department, thinking ahead to next week seems a chore. But for the time being there still is today and God permitting, tomorrow. Cherish the ups and downs with your child, those days go by far too fast. Be thankful for today and seek His grace and guidance for tomorrow. Grace and blessings!

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  5. Thanks for the reminder. Been a little gloomy the past few days. Plans have been thwarted as my dear friend vertigo has paid several unexpected visits. Keep on writing friend! Love, love, love your posts!

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