My Post Picks

So I’ve sinned. I’ve stolen something from someone. I’ve taken an idea from T.R. Noble and am totally ripping it off! Nah, just kidding. But if you aren’t one of her 800 followers, you’re missing out.

One of my most favorite poems was just posted this past week by Kathy called “Waters” It’s thought provoking but light at the same time. Follow Kathy for more than poetry, but for inspiration and encouragement. She’s positive and upbeat.

Next comes Stuart L. Tutt post “A glimpse into my life outside the blogging world” Where Stu gives us a new perspective on his life of being a father and having a nice outing with his kids. Click on it to see a cat on his head!

Never Too Late to be Archaic by Wordcoaster. This blogger has a poem for you everyday that he derives from scripture and then ends with a prayer to tie it in. He is funny, smart and tender to God’s plan.

“And So It Begins” by Julie Peters. Start with this first post of hers, and continue on. Read chronologically, it unfolds like a story. But she does leave us readers hangin’, wanting more…but that’s what we love the most, right?

Cost by Tracy Blount. This is hot off the presses people. It’s a good one. She reminds us to “Be Still” and wait on God.

SimplyWendi Her latest Mystery Blogger Award gives us insight to who she is. I loved her answer to question #1. Her blog is also full of posts of where to find free stuff. Thanks to her my kids are bowling free this summer!

Why Fear” at Lawsonsmustardseed. Just go read it. And I dare you not to read her other posts to check in on her son’s progress.

“How I Stopped Drinking” by Julie Dibbles. I’ve linked this post recently with one of my Addiction posts. It’s so good the way she centers God in her recovery.

Also for some of us we’d like to simply write a poem or have an idea but nothing conjures….There’s a New Daily Prompt. WordPress stopped the Daily Prompt Challenge a couple weeks ago leaving some bloggers sad and out of sorts. Sheryl took on the challenge of refereeing the task. She’s putting out a new word each day with a link provided, so you can put your post on there as well as your blog.

“My Story” by Mia, Called to be a Writer. Read it, I’m not going to spoil it for you!

“Having a Eternal Big Brother-Jesus” at Jesusluvsall. Matt took a simple perception and helped us understand how we can look at the Lord and how to help others see the Lord.


My favorite vacation picture.


9 Replies to “My Post Picks”

  1. Thanks, Amy for mentioning the New Daily Prompt. This post is a good example of how generous blogging can make a difference for others. What a great (Borrowed not stolen) idea to share blogs you like. You are awesome.

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  2. Thank you so much, Amy, for including my story in your list of read-worthy blogs! ❤️ And for introducing me to some other blogs I haven’t visited yet 😉

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