Greetings From The South!


Howdy y’all, greetings from down South! We’re in Tennessee, in a cozy cabin on the side of a mountain! For some of you, the details of this picture are an everyday occurrence. I’m from the flat part of the midwest, so the mountains and the views are spellbounding. No wonder why there’s so many refrences to the mountains in the bible!

Today, we saw a black bear sitting in a parking lot, scratching his head with his hind leg! Finally, I can say…”Yeah we saw a bear, big deal.”

I have some questions for you today. When you look at that path in the picture, what do you see? Do you perceive it as an easy way up or an easy way down?

Although, the way looks like a path of least resistance, either way you look at it, the path would still be treacherous to climb or descend. Just a thought. I looked at it as an easy way up. But we all know that progress in healing-spiritually, mentally, and physically- is never a smooth path. There will be ups and downs and turns and twists along the way. Be patient with yourself (this is a reminder for myself as well) that progress isn’t easy, but well worth the treacherous path!

P.S. I have a praise report: My oldest daughter, who has autism, went on a gyro astronaught challenge that flips up and down and all around. I was astounded to see her overcome a fear in anticipation of fun. It is a step toward healing for her!




11 Replies to “Greetings From The South!”

  1. Ha ha! The path in your picture reminded me of my son, when he was about 5 years old. He came out of the bathroom and showed off his new hair cut: he’d mowed down the middle! He was pretty proud of himself.
    So wonderful about your daughter. She is learning to overcome fear in favor of the rewards. Such love. She must know she is safe.


  2. As you know, we now live in TN, and the mountains are gorgeous!

    I am glad you are enjoying your family vacation and that all is going well for you.

    Yes, the path to healing can sometimes be very hard, and have many bumps in the road, but the important part is that we need to persevere and not ever give up! We have to realize, too, that we are all works in progress and that the finish line is heaven. So, keep on pressing upward and forward, and remember to take it one day at a time.

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