Last Day of Quote Challenge

Thank you Stu for nominating me for this fun challenge. Check out Stu’s page for honest reading.

The rules of this challenge are as follows:

Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

Provide a quote and why you like or chose that quote.

Nominate another for the Challenge and send them a comment letting them now.

(When you receive a nomination, if you’re too busy, you can do it later if need be.)

My last quote is………


This one is something we all need to remind ourselves. Do you ever feel like your progress in life, or in your walk with God, is slow. That you’re moving along at a snail’s pace compared to those around you or them that came before you? The Bible says we shouldn’t compare. But how hard is that when this life sometimes feels like a race to the finish line? Like I said in Keeping up with Joneses, we should be looking vertically not horizontally.

When you feel like your ministry isn’t growing like you envisioned, think of yourself as the snail and the Ark as heaven and start making your way toward it. That’s what matters in the end. Getting there. When you think about your marriage and how it seems you’ll never be equally yoked think of the snail. For me today…I think of the progress I’ve made in therapy but yet some appointments leave me feeling like there’s so much more work and healing to be done. So I’ll be the snail and make my way today toward heaven.

My nominees are:

Heavensreef: She is a tremendous encourager…and we’ll I just love the name!

Sue Love because I have a respect for her perseverance in her marrige

Lawsonsmustardseed Although I nomiate this young lady, she may not have the time to do a 3day quote challenge, but I urge you to go to her page and read what God is doing in their family. She is a new mom with a young baby Lawson, who needs your prayers and support. She is real and honest.


8 Replies to “Last Day of Quote Challenge”

  1. You know, I never really thought about the snails being on the ark…lol. Another great quote Amy! Thank you so much for participating in this 🙂

    And a big thank you for the reminder that no matter how fast we run or how slow we crawl towards righteousness that the ultimate goal is indeed making it.

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  2. You picked another great one. I just sat here and let this one soak into my heart this morning. It is encouraging as I have been a little (well, a lot) discouraged the last week on how long it is taking to rebuild the sexual intimacy in my marriage and how unattainable it seems. That is not ministry like you were referring to in your post, but still a seemingly endless pursuit in seeking this gift for my marriage.

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    1. Thanks Cynthia, I know what you mean. I want so badly to wake up and the affects of my childhood to be simply gone. Have you heard that song God of the hills and valleys? It’s fairly new. I guess we gotta remember He’s always there no matter the problem or the pace of healing

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