3 Day Quote…Yay!

Yay! I get to do the 3 Day Quote Challenge again! Thank you Stuart at Something to Stu Over for nominating me. I like this challenge because it’s simple, quick and helps you when you have writer’s block!

The rules are as follows:

Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog

Share a quote and why you like or chose that quote.

Each day for 3 days, nominate another person and provide a link to their blog. You may wanna send them a comment to give them the heads up that they’ve been nominated.

FYI: I do our church sign and I am running out of catchy phrases and quotes to put up. If you ever see or think of one send it to me. 8 words or less, as it’s on a busy highway. If I choose your request, I’ll take a pic, post it with a link to your blog.


1528142749614-1533621183.jpg I chose this for our sign once and just loved it. Since yesterday’s post was on my family tree, I think this is fitting to use today! My children will have such a different future now that I have decided  to follow Jesus. I shutter at what they would be witnessing today in my behavior, decisions and relationships had Jesus not picked me up and turned me around.

At the end of a day of failures and trials in raising my kids, I at least know I can give them the Lord and that’s a way better deal than anything this world can provide.

My nominees are:

Cynthia at Tears In A bottle

Kathy Wire


5 Replies to “3 Day Quote…Yay!”

  1. Thanks for thinking of me as a nominee. I won’t be able to participate this week, which gives me time to decide on some quotes. I have so many that have inspired my recovery journey that it’s hard to choose.

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