The Healed Wound

I started as a seed dropped from a bird. When the sun shined on me, I started to grow. Many years ago, something happened. It hurts to mention. But if you look closely you’ll see a scar down below. It was a gaping wound that I thought would surely kill me. One day a man came by and placed his hand on my wound, it began to heal! Although you can still see the place where my wound was, it doesn’t hurt anymore.


You see I am a tree in the forest with many other trees. I’m tall and magestic. I am a strong tree, full of life and happiness. But only because he came and healed my wound.

For hundreds of years I have stood waiting for someone to come along and care for me. Look up my trunk. It bends and twists and leans to the side. I started to grow in a different direction after my wound was healed.

Look at my branches. Look really close and you’ll see years of disappointment, failures and defeats. Each branch mocks the other, imitating one another. Fighting one another to be the biggest, the best. The leaves, so small in size, try to measure up and mirror the branches. The leaves once so full of freshness and green with newness, now crumble in the slightest breeze.

Now gaze up, up. Tilt your head back as far as it will go. Way up beyond my scar. Beyond the branches of defeat. What do you see? Do you see the green branches full of life and vitality? If you tried to snap them they would only bend and bounce back. They are full nutrients and life giving water. Do you see the leaves? Do you see how they prosper and grow full of confidence?

15280473873651006975205.jpgMy Family Tree After Jesus Set Me Free!

Questions: What do you think your family tree looks like?

What do you the think the branches in this story resemble? And what do the leaves resemble? 

Why do you think the tree grows crooked? Is that a good thing?

The wound in my tree is/was alcoholism and addiction. What would your family tree’s wound be?


18 Replies to “The Healed Wound”

  1. Sometimes God leaves wounds on the outside, for others to see: they may ask questions, or they may avert their eyes.
    Sometimes the wounds are on the inside, invisible to others, until we reveal them.
    The best way to heal wounds is for others to see and help. It’s a huge risk, because not everyone helps: sometimes they hurt us even more.
    When we put ourselves in God’s hands, He will send to us the healing we need.
    These are good lessons, Amy, and good thoughts. Your trees are beautiful to behold. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you for reading. I love the thought of God changing the direction of our family tree one life at a time. Generational cycles need not have a hold over our futures when God is put first!

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  2. My family tree is rather gnarly. But there are new shoots, with new buds opening up. There is new life emerging from the old. Even some blossoms. And song birds.

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      1. Babies, yikes no!! Unless there are grandbabies on the way I don’t know about yet!

        The blossoms, yes, my husband became a Christian during his recovery journey from sex addiction. For me, my healing has brought a deeper relationship with Jesus, and an emergence of myself that has been absolutely beautiful. I have always pictured it as the petals slowing opening and exposing the long hidden and beaten down me. Me!! And also my children, particularly my daughter, have been included in healing from the effects of growing up in our addiction fuelled home, have begun to bloom in their callings. It has definitely been a rejuvenation of our family.

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