Mama Ears

1527593820648830189931.jpg“MOMMY!” I sit up in bed. I hear the fan that I use to sleep with. I hear the rustling of my covers as I quickly swing my feet over the side of my bed. I hear my foot steps pounding the floor as I run to my girls’ bedroom across from my room. I poke my head in and….they are both fast asleep! There is no evidence that either one has moved an inch, let alone spoken a word. I know I heard one of them call me clear as day. It woke me right out of my sleep.

I get out of my car, so do both of my litte ones. There’s the usual chatter from all three of us as we’re moving about, when all of the sudden a child’s cry pierces the air. I stop talking and I take inventory. Ok whew, the child’s cry wasn’t coming from one of mine.

I am having a conversation with another adult in a crowd. My hearing has been going bad for years now and hearing others while in a crowd is a struggle at times for me.  But I can always hear my daughter’s voice saying, “Mommy” as she’s tapping on my hip and leg. I can no longer hear what the adult I’m talking to is saying. I can only zero in on the consistent tapping and calling of my name. I must stop, bend down and listen to my daughter’s request. Many would say to tell her she needs to wait her turn, but for me it’s not going to work because my child needs me. She’s not going to stop tapping me and calling my name. Somethimg is important to her. I must hear her.

This is how our Lord is with our prayers. He hears our heart’s cry, even when we don’t speak a word. He hears our constant tapping and calling His name. And if a mama can hear her child in a crowd. And if a mama can hear child’s voice, even when her child doesn’t speak; how much more can the Almighty hear us!! He is that mother with mama ears, always tuning in to the sounds we make.

P.S….As I was writing this, I read a fellow blogger’s post today about how those hurt by their earthly parents can look at the Lord in a new light, helping them to form at closer bond with God. I don’t want to spoil it for you, so go to Jesusluvsall



5 Replies to “Mama Ears”

  1. “I must stop, bend down and listen to my daughter’s request.” When I read this, I thought what a good mama you are. I always love to see parents doing that with their children. Meeting them at their level.

    And then as I kept reading your post, this scripture came into my mind: “I love the Lord because He hears my voice and my prayer for mercy. Because He bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath.” Psalm 116:1,2

    Thank you for the beautiful message of our loving Abba Daddy.

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