Hurry, Kill It! It’s still Alive

1527137023762200577321.jpgIt’s running so fast, I can’t keep up. I have to catch it. I’m getting angry. I’ve gotta kill it.

It’s leaving behind a trail of goo and slime. I’m dirty. I have to clean it up.

I’ve lost it, where did it go? I’m hopeless. Oh no! I’m going to give up.

I’m searching, seeking, looking. I’m too lost to find it. All is lost.

There it is! Way up high! I can’t measure up. I can’t reach it!

It falls, got it. Hurry, kill it! It’s still alive. Smash it, lift my foot…it’s still alive. Can’t even squash it, I’m a failure.

If you feel like this when trying to put your past behind you, then your past is still alive in you.

If you feel like this about your past, whether it be something you did or was done to you, then you’re living under shame. Shame makes you feel: angry, fear, lost, hopeless, helpless, not good enough, a failure, and dirty.

What if you could squash your past and the shame you feel over it like squishing a bug and killing it? It’s possible….with God. Here’s a post on how to free yourself from shame… What’s in Your Suitcase 



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