Part 2: Die With Me Today

I awake! But I can’t breathe, yet I am conscious and aware of myself. Think, I tell myself. Ok, ok, I remember. I asked for forgiveness for my sins of murder and lies; then I died and took my last breath with Him, Jesus. Where am I? It’s dark and hot. Sweat is forming on my face and forearms. I am alone. I look around and see what looks like a long, downward spiraling cave, like a tunnel. Is this heaven? It can’t be…can it? I’m seated on a small cliff like ledge; my feet are dangling over nothing. I look down and see that this cave is like a long straw,  which I’m seated inside, half-way down. I open my mouth and yell “Jesus! Where are you?” But no words come out because I’m not breathing. I hear water but I do not see the water.

Suddenly, a light shines from below. It’s an orange glow, like a light made from a fire. As the light appears, there’s rushing, hot wind that pushes it’s way up past me.1526871273013-1921451911.jpg Following this, I see shapes floating upward toward me. I squint to make out the shapes and that’s when I realize these shapes are people! I see old men, hands raised, faces lifted upward floating up toward me. I see women, young men, children and even babies, floating with arms raised, looks of gratitude and peace upon the faces. Some women and children are carrying what look to be unborn babies, that fit in the palm of their hands.

I recognize 2 people floating upward. I cringe inside. Oh the pain I’ve caused them. I hang my head in shame. And in that moment a finger lightly touches my chin, lifts my head up until we are eye to eye. It’s one of my victims. And she is looking at me, smiling. I cannot ask for forgiveness; I have no breath. Yet I can see forgiveness on her face. And at that moment she lets go and floats upward.1526869813314-707603465.jpg What is upward? And where is Jesus?

The echo of a door slamming shut travels towards me from below. I quickly look down and I see Jesus. He has something in His hands, it lights up all the walls around Him as he’s floating up toward me. He’s holding an object; I can’t make out it’s shape because the light coming off of it is so bright, white; there is no orange glow to it. He stops where I’m at. He looks at me, holds up the shinning object close to His heart and consumes it. 1526872719604-700026099.jpgIt’s as if He has absorbed the light.

He speaks to me, like He did when we were on the cross, with our hearts. He asks me, “Did you see them? All of them?” I immediately know He’s speaking of the two whose lives I took. I said, “Yes Lord. Where are they going? And where are we?”

“You are dead, that’s why you can’t breathe or speak. Those doors down there are the doors to Hell. I went there and took back the keys to death, hell and the grave.

“Man would have never experienced death had he not sinned in the Garden of Eden. The keys to death were given to Satan that day. Any sins after that weren’t forgiven but rolled ahead by the Jewish priests with the sacrificing of animals; blood has to be shed to cover sins. I came to earth robed in flesh, so that I could die and my blood would cover past, present and future sins. I now hold the keys, the righteous now have a way to eternal life. These keys also give those who repent and change their ways, a chance to eternal life through me.

“Those souls you saw go up were all the righteous that have died before my crucifixion. They have been waiting for me, along with the two lives you took. They were righteous.”

“What about me, Lord? Where am I going?” My soul cried. “I’m a sinner. I’ve taken lives; I lied and hurt so many.” Jesus looked at me with those clear eyes like flowing waters. The compassion and grace that shined through them was unlike anything I’ve ever seen in anyone else. He said, “Beloved, everyone now living has a way to speak to me and ask for my forgiveness without a priest or sacrificing of animals. My blood covers ALL sins, even yours. There’s more to show you, come with me.” To be continued…


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