3 Day Quote Challange…Day #2

1526349486553-473286428.jpgI was nominated by Linda at Amazing God Stories for the 3 Day Quote challenge. She has a wonderful blog filled with talented stories that hit home everytime. I will give you a quote, tell you something about it, and then I will nominate a fellow blogger to carry the torch.

My quote today is “If God brought you to it, He’ll bring you through it.” This is a very popular quote. I have had the pleasure of reading it tattooed on people’s bodies, as I was trying to find an image to go with this post. I have a little parable for you to go with this one.

The man struck the match and lit the fire. He made sure he had enough wood to keep the fire burning hot. The job he had to do needed heat, at very high temps. He took a couldron down, off the shelf and placed it in the fire.

Next, the gold. He took the large, hardened, lump of gold and held it up to examine it closer. He could see the elements and impurities that kept it hard, that kept it from being softened, pure gold.  He could see the copper and the nickel that kept the gold rigid and coarse. These metals had been adhered to this potentially pure gold for many years, hidden away under the earth, in the dark. “The only way I can get these metals to seperate themselves away from the gold is to get them hot, very hot. 1,000 degrees hot.”

He placed the gold into the couldron, watching as the lump became a shiny liquid, so smooth looking. As he looked down onto it, he saw what he was waiting for. The heat had caused swirls of silvery color to come to the surface; it coiled itself throughout the gold color. He grabbed his skimming spoon, put it into the couldron and lightly skimmed off the silver color. Scooping it up and out of the gold, he cast it to the side.

He kept vigil on the gold, not leaving it’s side throughout the whole process. He watched the intensity of the fire, making sure to keep it at just the right temperature. Adding wood when needed. He would repeat the process of skimming and scooping out the dross, the impurities, until….he leaned over the couldron, gazed into the gold and saw his own image in the reflection of the gold. “The gold has been tried. It is pure of impurities and dross. It’s ready to come out of the fire,” The Refiner proclaimed!

1526349798292431504224.jpgToday I would like to nominate Ruth  at Planted By Living Water to continue on this fun challenge. She is a kind woman, whose words inspire. Her blog is well kept, with different aspects to offer. I enjoy her poems and her “Worship With Me” series is uplifting. Her posts are informative and helpful, as she never leaves you searching for an answer.


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