3 Day Quote Challenge…Day 1

1526269564877683573943.jpgI have been nominated by Linda at Amazing God Stories for the 3 Day Quote Challange! Linda has a great blog filled with animated artwork of her own to go with that day’s story. She’s talented and compassionate. She has overcome fear to be used by God. Check her out and follow her today.

I’m super excited. Over the course of 3 days I will post a quote and write about what it means to me. At the end of each day’s quote, I will pay it forward by nominating a fellow blogger.

My first quote is….drumroll please! “Dragging Chains Can Spark A Wildfire” Last year on our family roadtrip, which consisted of a 7 yr old and a 4 yr old in the backseat trying to behave but it’s just so hard on a 7hr drive. I saw a roadsign that said Dragging chains can spark a wildfire. I just loved it and put it on my phone. See, I’m the one that puts up the witty sayings on our church sign; I’ve spent hours scouring the internet for the latest, funniest quotes. I had never come across that one. It was up on our sign within days of our return from vacation.

Folks, do you realize that it was a roadsign? A real warning. That you can actually cause a fire by dragging chains behind your car? Well I never saw it that way.  I thought it was something encouraging that someone simply put on a billboard. When I read that, I imagined myself pulling chains: doubt, fear, regret, remorse, grief etc. behind me. And as I dragged this stuff around, there was sure to be a wildfire. A catastrophic event in my life. A meltdown, if you will. Or even losing what ground I had scraped by to gain in my walk with God. Over the past year since that, God has done a mighty work in me delivering me from shame. I no longer have to scrape by to feel God’s love and care for me. The shame was causing me to see a God sitting up there shaking his head and pointing His finger at me. I now see and know Him as my God who loves and accepts me.

I feel like a rose that has finally bloomed! And I’ll make sure my chains aren’t dragging behind my car down hot California highways either 🙂

1526269609175-969815568.jpgI would like to nominate Matt at Jesus Loves All. He is teaches refugees and immigrants English, as a profession. He also teaches them in his church. I believe he may be teaching them more than just our language but the language of God’s love as well. His blog is filled with stories and examples of how God places him in diverse cultures daily.


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