What kind of Cat Are You?

20180412_183736-1.jpgEven if you’re not a cat lover, stick around because this is about people more than it is about cats  =^..^=  Our nervous system was described to me like this…

When I would hear the word nervous system, I thought it meant how nervous someone was. I concluded I was on the high end of this scale. But that’s not really what it is. Each person is built and wired different. So many of us want to try to put others into our molds. Most of the time it’s because they are so different from us that it’s hard for us to relate to them. So if we try to change them to be like us, then interaction would be easier. But how many of us know that:  #1 You can’t change anyone, not really. And #2 people rarely change….(without God).

What if we embrace the differences in the “types” of others around us? I’m not talking about gender, religious orientation or race. Embrace those like, the lady with the loud mouth at the check out that gets under your skin. Or embrace those that are so shy you think they’re rude for just looking at you and not responding. Or what about that old man that has nothing ever nice to say and looks like he might bite your finger off if you get too close? You may be one of these I’ve described. I’m the loud mouth lady, by the way. But I’ve heard louder.

How does any of this have to do with cats? Here’s the deal. You ever seen a cat that comes up to you, rubs up against you, purrs and is friendly? Or what about the cat that takes the food out of your hand, then you go to pet it and the darn thing bites you! People are like cats. All cats are cats, but why do each of them seem to have a different demeanor? Why do some slink in the shadows and never come out in the light? Why do some hide behind a chair and when you’re walking by, attack your leg like it’s it’s going to yell out “tag, you’re it!” My 8 yr old is the type of cat that lays on your lap and purrs and snuggles all day long. While my 5 yr old is the kitten hiding behind the chair ready to strike! My 23yr old daughter is the cat in the road who watches you drive by, then startles and runs. In a perfect world I would be the cat that sleeps 23 hrs a day. How about you?

It’s in our make up, who we are. Think of those around you…and ask yourself what kind of cat are they? This trick may help you to embrace the differences in that person and help you to “excuse” their behavior.




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