Where Is Your Hope?

1525488917083938762429.jpgSome days we have our hope priorities  in line with God’s will for our lives. Some days things go smoothly, like your day has been practiced and orchastrated before you even woke that morning. You know what I mean. The days when every time you toss something in the trash, you make a basket kind of days. When your faith is tall and nothing can knock it down.

But what about those seasons, those moments in our lives? The times of uncertainty. Where can our hope be found then?

For some it’s finding hope in the next chemo treatment. Waiting for the doctors report of whether it’s helped to shrink the tumors or not. For others, hope may be found with the phone call from the bank with approval for a loan to help them get by another month. Hope can be found in a new job or a new baby.

Unfortunately, many find their hope in substances: the next drink, pill, line, joint, needle. The hope in finding that high that matches the first high. It’s an age old trick of the deceiver which is running rampant in our country.

But there is a hope that delivers everlasting peace; that in those uncertain times we can lean on the strength and hope of our Savior!



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