National Day of Prayer

15254896173291465769600.jpgToday is USA’s National Day of Prayer. Every 1st Thursday in May our nation takes a portion out of it’s day to celebrate and embrace our freedom of prayer. In 1952 president Harry S. Truman signed it into law. And has been recognized every year since.

For some, today will be a day they will pray for our nation and it’s leaders. Their prayers will plead with God to heal our land, to hear our cry, and to unite the American people. For others, their prayers may be of thanksgiving that they live in a country with the freedom of worship, the freedom to choose who, what, when and where to worship. Our children will assemble at their flag poles, bow their heads and say a student lead prayer; as it is their right to do so according to the Constitution.

But I can’t help to wonder about those who don’t usually pray. Those who believe in God, know He’s real but just don’t “practice” their beliefs. Will they pray today? Will they hear that it’s National Day of Prayer, will their hearts will be prompted to simply pray/speak to God? Maybe not so much for their country’s sake, but maybe they will turn their faces toward God and just have a talk with Him.

With that thought I wonder if Heaven will be busier than any other day! No worries, our God is big enough to handle all those knocks on His door! Happy National Day of Prayer. Did you pray today?1525316503249715680284.jpg


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