In The Twinkling Of An Eye

1525228406677-335191067.jpgDo you realize what that means? Quick, Blink your eyes! That is the speed at which we will be caught up with Jesus when He returns for His bride.

Yesterday I posted No Answers Its about questions I have that will never be answered. I will never know why.

There’s so many things science has been able to answer. Why we have two eyes instead of one. Why we grow hair here but not there. Why it takes a human life to develop nine months in the womb. But science cannot tell why a baby is born still. Or why some are born blind. Why a man had to die in a tragic car accident at such a young age. Why little children are raised in a traumatic environment, terrified most days.

In an instant, as quick as you can snap your fingers, in a twinkling of an eye; we will know why to all of our questions. And that for me is worth picking up my cross every day and following Him!



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