Living For The Moment

15254897543732088200441.jpgThe bell dings! You go to your corner, sit on your stool, and your manager squirts water in your mouth, wipes your brow and pats you on the back. “You’re doing good!” He yells in your ear. “When they hit you from the left, duck towards the right like you’ve been doing. Round twelve is coming up, you got this! Just keep getting back up!” This is how I felt most of today with my two kids. 6:30am my 5yr old woke me. By 9:30 am she had to wash down her door and dresser because she drew on it with markers! Thank you Crayola for washable markers!

You ever heard that saying we do not remember the days, we remember the moments? I think I even have a frame somewhere with it on it. There was a one hour period of time where all went well with the kids. We watched a movie all together in the living room. Blankets, pillows, popcorn and they even got cups of sprite to guzzle!

I just wanted to comment on how parenting can be tiring even on the easy, everybody hang around the house and do nothing days. The elders I look up to and seek advice from, tell me frequently that I will miss these days…No my friends, I’ll miss the moments!


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