The Straight and Narrow

15247658628731763810572.jpgYou’re walking down a street and on both sides are buildings with multiple windows. You look up and see a figure hanging out one of the windows hollering and calling your name. You stop walking and you cup your hand to your ear so you can get a better listen. You hear something like…”Why don’t you stop in here for a drink?” Or “Hey come on in and see the movies we have to offer” But you know this is a trick so you say no thanks and keep walking. The next block there are more figures hanging out the windows again. You think to yourself, “Didn’t they hear me? I said no thanks” But now they say “Hey you got that new job, come celebrate!” Or maybe they say, “I know your friend just died, come on in we’ll talk about it over a drink.”

You say, “No thanks I’m on my way somewhere and I’m in a hurry. I told the people waiting for me I’d make it there soon.” You hold your head up high and have a little pep in your step now because you’re just so proud of yourself for saying no twice!

The next block, same thing. But their words are different now, “You’re never going to make it down this road. You’re not strong or smart enough. Who are you kidding? Just quit trying already will you?”

This is the way the deceiver of this world works. He can’t touch you or force you into anything. But he can talk you into it with enticement, false friendship, and if those don’t work he will speak words of shame. His words not yours. Wll you listen?



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