Strength To Fight


1524626915224-670388062.jpgWe get our strength from the Lord. But sometimes He puts it in others around us to help us look into their lives and see something to admire, something to aspire.

They are around all of us. Those who choose to be strong. Or maybe it’s that they choose to lean with all their might on God. In these hard trying times they are going through; God is using them for people like you and I. The woman with cancer going through chemo, yet has enough strength to show up each time she’s feeling strong enough. The elderly man who keeps going every day although his wife of 60 years, his best friend, has died and has left him behind. The grandmother visiting her grandson in prison, writing him letters, forgiving him, loving him, showing him what Jesus really looks like. The mothers of addicts praying and interceding daily for their children to be freed once and for all. The wives that stick with it and decide to trust.

All of these examples have two important qualities. They all have a drive to fight, to keep going. And they all love the Lord and depend on Him for the strength. Watching them reminds me that if they can do it, I can do it. And that I can depend on Him for strength too.



2 Replies to “Strength To Fight”

    1. I did! I truly enjoyed it and will keep up on your writings as they are down to earth and helpful. Thanks for following mine. I’m new to this, but God has brought me such a long way and it’s time to tell as many as I can about it


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