Agh! Scatter Brain

1524448923545-182565703.jpgDo you find yourself to be a good keeper of time and somewhat organized? Yeah, me too! But every once in a while I go through a period of couple days where I put too much on the table to do at a single time. I get overwhelmed and scatter brained because of it! Right now as I’m writing this, my child is asking for a peice of tape. She’s repeating it over and over. Now she’s asking for a cupcake! I’m pouring a cup of coffee, and I’m supposed to be in the shower 5 minutes ago. I’m also heating up pizza. It would be nice to fold that load of laundry in the dryer. Most would say, “No you’re multi-tasking.”

Multitasking is different to me because it flows. All the things you’re doing at the one time are actually getting accomplished without an uphill battle. How does a person avoid the very thing I’m facing? Put her phone down and quit blogging? 🙂 or would you write the things you need done down and attack them one by one? That works on some days. But not today. Because while I go to get that pen paper, I’d get caught off guard by getting that peice of tape for my child. Then my coffee would need warmed up. And then…hey what was I doing again? Oh yeah a pen and paper. See my delima?

So here’s the plan. This is one of those days where I try to stop everything I’m doing (except the coffee!) Then pick out the things that have to be done, put my head down and plow through. Then hopefully when my head hits the pillow I can tell myself this…well the laundry didn’t get done, I never did get that peice of tape, but I did get everyone clothed, hair combed and fed. And to me that’s victory! We need to go easy on ourselves sometimes and just have a cup of our favorite coffee or tea.


She did get her tape! But not the cupcake!20180422_171144.jpg


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