Are You an Introvert or an Extrovert?

1524282996891-391779202.jpgMy mom always said she was afraid I’d get kidnapped when I was little because I’d talk to anyone. I guess she was right on that one because I still will talk to anyone. Hi my name is Amy and I’m an extrovert! I love the art of coversation. The give and take of two people chatting and relating is interesting and fun to me. The whole act of having a conversation these days is fading away. Probably because we’re all too busy blogging, tweeting, liking, posting, following or downloading something! Try walking up to most high school kids that have a phone in their hands. They won’t even look up at you. You may get one or two words out of them. You wanna put them over your knee is what you wanna do! (All you non-spankers out there…it’s just a joke!) Do these devices make them introverted? Or is it a way for the introverted to hide? Or is it electronics are here and the technological age has settled upon us?


My 5 yr old Leah is introverted with a dash of spicy temper flares! She won’t speak unless she feels it’s necessary. She didn’t speak the first 2 weeks of preschool. Not a word! I’d explode if I went that long. Maybe you can relate. Maybe you relate with Leah.

Us extroverts need you introverts. You shy, quiet, ones! You know who you are!


4 Replies to “Are You an Introvert or an Extrovert?”

  1. I too love a good conversation. It definitely is a dying art. Taking the time to get to know someone is rewarding. I’m an extrovert by nature but tend to avoid conversation that is draining or one-sided.
    I hope we don’t get to the point that we lose our ability to communicate verbally. I’m glad God doesn’t make us text him! Lol


  2. I am an introvert, but since I became an industrial instructor, manager later, early career change, I learned to act like an extrovert for brief periods. Each night, my body would be so drained physically that my legs would cramp so bad I could not sleep. And when you are suffering from jet-lag in India or China, teaching a two-week class, that can be tough. Since, to me, this issue is not about behavior, my best determination of the introvert/extrovert is this question. Do you have more energy near the end of an all night party with a lot of friends or did you sneak into a closet to recharge your energy after the first hour?

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  3. I think introverts have to recharge. My dad is extremely this way and thrives on his time alone. Being an extrovert myself, I still think I’d need time to recharge but maybe not after an hour. But by the end of evening. We all have a little bit of the opposite in us I think.


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