Do You Yell?

bus-school-school-bus-yellow-159658.jpeg“I’m talking now, don’t interrupt your mother when she’s speaking!” Your kid is looking at you thinking “what’s going on?” Or maybe your spouse is thinking, “here we go again.” But you’re on a roll and there’s no stopping you. Your voice is becoming louder and louder. And you start to step outside of yourself and watch yourself just hollering away. You’ve flipped your lid is what my friend would say.

What makes us yell or as the polite people call it, raise our voice?  I’ve found the following reason as some of the reasons why…what are our thoughts??

  • Anger- good old fashioned anger
  • Because I saw my parents yell
  • I want somene to do something they’re refusing to do.
  • Poor or no sleep
  • Hunger!
  • Because the dog ran out of the house again and I’m not running through the neighborhood in my pj’s to catch him.

Yesterday morning I yelled getting my girls ready for school. The minute I saw the bus roll away with my babies (they’ll always be my babies) I had the thought to jump in my car and hunt that bus down and say “momma’s sorry for yelling” Here’s the good part! There’s always a BUT in a story for a good turnaround.

But, I asked God to forgive me first. I asked my girls to forgive me when they got home from school. And I tried harder the next morning. We got through the morning with no hollering mama! It’s in these small triumphs that we can find victory!

What makes you yell? How have you repaired a situation after you’ve yelled at someone?



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