Are You Living In The Past?

So, are you? Do you think of your past (which is anything up until this moment) with regret? With defeat? Dare I say, with shame? I did and still do at times. You’ve heard the old sayings. Don’t let the past define who you are today. But is it really that simple? Do these so called one-liners really help? I’ve been learning and using a technique that may help you. When you think back to a certain regret, can you see yourself? The younger you. Can you talk to her or him? What would you tell the younger you? Sure there’s always “don’t do it!” ” don’t get in that car” “don’t choose that job” or how about “Just say no!” But let’s say you go back and talk to the younger you whose already said yes to the job, the drug, or getting in the car. Can you comfort her? Can you say it’s ok, you just didn’t know. Or maybe even give the younger you a hug. Or maybe you could tell the younger you “I forgive you” Not forgiving ourselves, putting ourselves down, and even self hatred is a part of shame. I’ve had the revelation of shame revealed to me recently and it’s been freeing and I hope to share it with you. My musings won’t always be intense but they will always have an underlying helpful tone to them. Check out the song “Dear younger me” by Mercy Me.


2 Replies to “Are You Living In The Past?”

  1. On point! The past once tried to paralyze me as one who had just witnessed an apparition in a “haunted” house. That’s what prompted me to write Haunted Lighthouses ( and The Hidden Lighthouse ( Thank you, Amy, for sharing your story and your heart. May the Lord continue to use you to bring hope and guide many to his saving arms, just like a lighthouse! 😉

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